KALTEK: We manufacture and sell medical articles Kaltek was established on 13/09/90 and the company capital was 46.500 Euro. The existing net capital is 300.000 Euro. Kaltek is in Padua - Via del Progresso n.2 and the offices and the stores fill a covered area of about. 3000 m2. Our activity is the manufacture and the selling of sanitary components, medical devices and instruments for hospitals, laboratories of chemical and medical analysis, laboratories of histology and pathology, universities, pharmacies. Also we work in the foreign market. The President is Mr. Cortelazzo, partner of the company; he is responsible for relationship with suppliers, for distributors and for import/export. The managing director is Mrs. Fasolato, partner of the company, with a plurannual experience in this sector. The company staff is made up of 15 employers in the offices and a selling network in every area of Italy. There are two responsible for the selling network: one in North-Italy and one in South-Italy. The whole company organisation (orders, shipments, invoicing, etc.) is carried on by a computer system with a server and 18 PC connected. The procedures comply with UNI EN ISO 9002 – UNI CEI EN 46002 Standards to which Kaltek is certified. The turnover of the last three years is increasing from 2.740.000,00 EURO in the 1999 to 3.100.000,00 EURO in the 2000 and 3.800.000,00 EURO in the 2001. For the next year we are expecting a turnover of 4.400.000,00 EURO because of the increasing selling network and the development of new products. Kaltek controls a company (P.V.R.) that deals with instruments manufacture and manages the technical assistance network in all Italy.