Company Profile About Us Jotatec is a young entreprise founded in 1998. Since then it has shown a steady and vigorous growth, with a healthy economic and financial position, always adapting itself to the changes and upheavals happening in the market . Team work and a good environment makes its employee, partners, clients and suppliers interact in an armonic way to reach the best posible results. Along these years it has positioned itself as a leader in the products developed for many markets, for whom it had an steady and clear politic of investments in: Human resources In this area there were two clear programs: Internal: It was consistent in training of a stable structure and the addition of profesionals in diferent areas. External: We started developing a wide network of profesionals for each and every one of the products. This meant selection and training so they will be adecuate for the strict standards of quality of our company. Technology In the last two years, important investments were made in equipment and software. At the present time we are developing a series of proyects where we are applying the latest current technology in the market. Investigation Investigative teams were developed for a constant improvement of our products. The steady investments in this area insure the continous quality and competiviness of the products. Mission To create and improve the quality of health, through medical products designed with the latest technology. Vision To be an internationally recognized company through the use of state of the art products that contribute to health. Values Technology We specialize in the development medical solutions through the newest technological products. Quality Jotatec ensures the integrity of every step during the manufacturing process to the strictest quality guidelines. Innovation 30% of our net revenue is reinvested in the development of new products and the modernization of the existing products. Design The finished product should not only be technically sound, but also be user friendly, for the health care professionals and their patients. Products 24 ABPM Blood Pressure Monitor, Holter, ECG, Ergometry, Telemedicine, Stress ECG, EKG Please visit our website for detailed information about our company. We are looking forward to welcoming you at MEDICA!