Company Profile About us Johnson Matthey Noble Metals has extensive capabilities in fabricating medical device components from: Precious metals and alloys (available in tube, wire, sheet and micro-machined form) Nitinol (available in tube, wire and sheet) Engineered plastics. With more than 180 years of metallurgical development experience, and a global presence, we are a trusted partner among medical device OEMs andmanufacturers worldwide. We use innovative manufacturing processes to provide exceptional quality of fabricated component parts, including EDM, laser cutting, grinding and milling. With four manufacturing plants across the world, we have the capacity to meet high volume demands from the largest medical device manufacturers. And our strong financial position allows us to quickly increase output when you are ready to move your design into full production. Further information about our medical device products can be foundon our specialised Johnson Matthey medical website Johnson Matthey Piezo Products develop, produce and market piezoelectric ceramics, piezo components and piezo modules in accordance with the individual requirements and kinds of application specified by customers world-wide. Our main products are bending elements, atomizers, modules and devices. We customize products for different actuator and sensor applications – as well as for energy harvesting. We are a leading manufacturer of piezo bending actuators (bimorph/trimorph). Johnson Matthey Piezo Products has produce over 100,000,000 piezo products and has over 40 years of experience.AllPiezo products are manufactured at the dedicated facility in Redwitz, Germany.