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Jellagen Pty Ltd Jellagen produces functional non-mammalian collagen sourced from jellyfish. We supply collagen for medical research and regenerative medicine markets and our collagen is available in solution and dried for any application. We aim to produce GMP non-mammalian collagen for use in medical devices along with developing pre-made scaffolds and biomaterial coatings in the near future. Key features of Jellagen's non-mammalian collagen: More than 90% pure functional collagen Preserved triple helix structure Creates porous 3D scaffolds Current applications for research grade non-mammalian collagen: Suitable for a wide variety of cell culture research 3D scaffolds for cell culture, medical research and regenerative medicine Biomaterial coatings Suitable for electrospinning Downloads: Jellagen Product Information Jellagen non-mammalian collagen brochure.pdf