Company Profile About us JEI DANIEL BIOTECH CORP. has been established in 1995 in Taipei, Taiwan. Providing high-quality professional in vitro diagnostic products, JD BIOTECH integrates research & development, production, selling, and services into a holistic aspect of biotechnology enterprise. At present, JD proposes three categories of products, including Rapid Test, Homocysteine reagent and reader and ELISA/CLIA reagent and machine. Rapid test category is JD's core innovation, includingprincipally TB Ag, HP Ag, TV Ag, C.alb (YEAST) Ag and B.V(Gardnerella) Ag.test. Allthese are for Point Of Care tests. Fast, accurate andsensitive are also the chore characteristics of JD 's products. Furthermore, we strongly recommend our new product -- Immuno-Gold Reader for Quantitative assay in rapid test. It is a portable reader for multiple assays which offers digital reading in real time. It is very quick, cost-effective and easyto use. The aim of JD BIOTECH is to create a Chinese brand name in a global market. JD is confident to meet the expectations of the global community, be it for professional IVD tests or for home-use / selftests. We are looking to develop new business partnerships worldwide to expand our global market.