Company Profile Japan Institute for the Control of Aging, Nikken SEIL Co.Ltd The Japan Institute for the Control of Aging offers high quality products in broad research areas; Anti-aging, Alzheimer's, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Diabetes, Neurodegenerative Disease, Renal Disease, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for foreign distributors world wide. We are also interested indistributing foreign products in Japan. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Japan Institute for the Control of Aging has conducted research into aging since its foundation under the doctrine of contributing health promotion. As a result, the institute succeeded in developing a DNA oxidative damage measuring kit, thus taking the lead for this field. The institute now sells many products related to oxidative stress, and such products are utilized in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biochemistry, food sciences, etc. The institute also performs assay services utilizing its unique technologies. Preventive medicine and anti-aging are receiving increased attention with the advancement of aging society. In these areas, our Institute will contribute to realizing a healthy, long-lived society by developing and supplying research products. History 1985 Founded the Japan Institute for the Control of Aging. 1986 Organized seminars on comfortable aging. 1990 Released oxidized DNA, 8-OHdG measuring kit. 1995 Released oxidized lipid, anti 4-HNE 1998 Initiate the assay service as a registered sanitation inspection institute. 2000 Registered as a satellite center of the Trace Element Institute for UNESCO. 2003 Released oxidized lipid, HEL measuring kit. 2008 Have patents for antioxidant assay kit PAO. 2012 Released oxidized protein, Dityrosinemeasuring kit. 2013 Releasedtrace elements assay kits.(Iron, Copper, Zinc etc.) 2013 Released Nitrotryptophan monoclonal antibody. The Japan Institute for the Control of Aging is engaged in the kit reagent business and assay service business. In the kit reagent business, our Institute develops, manufactures, and sells research reagents used for measuring oxidative stress markers. In addition, our Institute's monoclonal antibodies and ELISA kits used for detecting products of oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species are highly evaluated by customers worldwide. The 8-OHdG Check (8-OHdG ELISA kit), the main product of the Institute, was awarded the Ikeda Special Prize of the Innovation Grand Prix in 1999 and a prize from the Minister of Science and Technology Agency in 2000.