JACE Systems - Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists JACE Systems is a recognized leader in the design and manufacture of continuous passive motion equipment (CPM) for patients recovering from orthopedic surgery. Our devices enable patients to begin their post operative rehabilitation immediately after surgery. Our Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) systems are designed to reduce pain, reduce edema and improve range of motion following orthopedic surgery. Our CPM systems have demonstrated the ability to reduce hospital stay and reduce the overall cost of care by allowing ongoing treatment and support in the home. We specialize in both Upper (UE) and Lower (LE) Extremity CPM systems. JACE Systems is a fully licensed FDA GMP manufacturing facility operated under ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 guidelines. Our products are also recognized with the European Union CE Mark. Founded in 1989, we are located inCherry Hill,New Jersey. We have a fully dedicated sales and service center located inMuellheim,Germany. We are also recognized by Japan as certified foreign medical device manufacturer. JACE is looking for business partners as follows: Distributors of joint replacement and sports injury products, distributors of orthopedic braces, splints and other rehabilitation products for the physical and occupational therapy industry.