Ivan & Ivan is a supplier of Personal Protectio Equipment Established in 2010, Ivan & Ivan is a manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment for protection against biological hazards. We offer complete turn key systems used when dealing with critical situations involving patients with biological hazards such as EBOLA and MERS. These systems are desinged to provide individual protection to health care workers involved in dealing with critical situations against dangerous pathogens. Transportation chambers with negative pressure and HEPA filters to mobilize contagious patients. Custom designed mobile negative pressure tents, including decontamination systems to protect against spreading of the biological hazard to other patients and health care workers. For premium market segment we designed a premium product line, manufactured 100% in the USA. For price sensitive markets, we offer globaly sourced Biosafety solutions packaged in the USA and/or Asia. Our PPE's (Personal Protection Equipment) kits are custom designed to meet clients needs and to protect health care workers from contamination from EBOLA, MERS and other biological hazards. There are different levels of risk and different levels of protection. If the risk of transmission is the contact with liquids and not aerosols , then we can provide a Type 4 PPE. It includes Type 4 components made with I-VEK, an SMS laminated with microporous film nonwoven, certified Type 4 coverall, separate hood to cover head and neck, scrub suit, isolation gown, apron, boot cover, N95 respirator mask, complete face shield, inner gloves and thick outer gloves. If a client is looking for a level of protection that will protect against transmission of Ebola or MERS from contact with liquids and from aerosols , we can provide a positive pressure Type 4 PPE with a CE certified PAPR (Powered Air Purifying Respirator). NIOSH certified respiratory protection is also available. The Type 4 PPE, (PAPR sold separetely) includes Type 4 components made with I-VEK, an SMS laminated with microporous film nonwoven, certified Type 4 coverall, hood, hose cover, scrub suit, boot cover, isolation gown, apron, inner gloves and thick outer gloves. Positive pressure PPE's allow the elimination of body heat of the user, keeping him cool for hours and providing higher levels of protection against body fluids and blood borne pathogens. Ivan & Ivan LLC is a distributor of Scott Safety products, including the Proflow 3 (NIOSH approved) PAPR respirator, hoods and filters that offer a 1000 API (Assigned Protection Factor). Ivan & Ivan LLC is a distributor of Biogalenic Labs, a manufacturer of Large Volume Parenterals such as sodium chloride 0.9% IV USP, dextrose 5% IV USP, Ringer Lactate Solution IV USP, Sterile Water, Distilled Water, Irrigation solutions and many other Large Volume Parenterals. Downloads: I-VEK Positive Pressure PPE I-VEK level 4 class 6 PPE with PROFLOW 3 PAPR.pdf