Company Profile KLIN-ITEC, Hygiene for Hands Nowadays, in healthcare and medical organisations, hand hygiene is an important measure in the prevention of infections and for the protection of the medical personnel.Hand hygiene also prevents the spreading of multi-drug resistant pathogens which present an increasing problem worldwide.To achieve a comprehensive level of hand hygiene, especially in patient wards, it is not enough to simply remind the medical staff and the patients to disinfect their hands.Only additional and consistent hand disinfection on the part of visitors can help to protect against infections. ITEC has addressed this problem.With over 20 years' experience in the food processing industry, ITEC develops, manufactures and sells systems for the area of personnel hygiene.Under the brand name KLIN-ITEC, soap and disinfectant dispensers are offered that are specially developed for healthcare organisations.KLIN-ITEC disinfectant dispensers are low maintenance, easy to clean and visually attractive.A potential-free contact optionally enables the activation of automatic doors. You can find further personal hygiene technology on the following pages.