Company Profile CMO for mab and recombinant proteins Company Profile As a Custom Manufacturing Organization (CMO) based in Hennigsdorf, near Berlin InVivo is dedicated to the development and production of monoclonal antibodies and the expression of recombinant proteins. InVivo is an ISO9001 certified company with over ten years experience in mammalian cell culture and protein production. As a trusted provider of cost effective outsourcing solutions, InVivo has been working for a large number of satisfied clients. Companies of all sizes from small university spin-offs to major research institutes and large established biopharmaceutical companies benefit from our expertise as independent contract manufacturer. We are open for any outsourcing projects in diagnostic or pharmaceutical industry. Monoclonal antibodies More than 1.000 different hybridoma clones producing human, rat or mouse antibodies have been processed in our lab. IgMs and all subclasses of IgGs in any scale between 1 mg and 500 g were produced and purified in our facilities. InVivo uses proprietary media for serum-free cultivation achieving high productivity and cost reduction. Furthermore production of monoclonal antibodies exclusively under serum-free conditions enables efficient purification without the drawbacks of serum-containing processes, e.g. contamination with bovine IgGs. Our high cell density fermentation process with more than 2x107 cells per ml yields up to 500 mg of antibody per liter culture volume per day. That allows efficient production of gram amounts within weeks using our 2 liter reactor systems. Antibodies to be used in preclinical trials are supplied free of endotoxins with cGMP compliant documentation if required. InVivo provides the opportunity of cell banking to store your cells and give the possibility to produce antibodies on-demand, in due time and long-termed. Recombinant proteins InVivo's selection of bacterial, insect and mammalian protein expression systems provides a choice for your application. We will work with your specifications for quantity, bioactivity, structure, post-translational modifications, and purity to express proteins that meet your specialised requirements. Our ready-to-go cDNA library from all mayor human tissues simplifies cloning of your cDNA. We can also RT-PCR your cDNA from cell lines, plant or animal tissue. InVivo has more than 10 years of experience in the construction of vector systems. Optimised transfection protocols for electroporation of CHO, HEK293, BHK 21 and other cells guarantee high transfection rates. Clones screened by FACS, ELISA or western blot obtain highest possible expression rates and proteins can be purified with low endotoxin levels for further use in pre-clinical studies. Large scale transient transfection Large-scale transient transfection of mammalian cells is a recent and powerful technology for the fast production of milligram amounts of recombinant proteins, without the time-consuming and labor-intensive creation of stable cell lines. Invivo developed proprietary vectors specifically designed for highly efficient transient transfection of serum-free cultured HEK293 cells. Adherent and suspensions cell lines are used for transient transfection. Suspension adapted cells can be processed in operation scales up to 30 liters. With this rapid protein production 100 mg and more of protein can be easily obtained. Production Ten fermentation units between 2 and 30 liters - equipped with digital control units and online parameter recording, bubble-free aeration, perfusion by internal/external spinfilters or ultrasonic cell retention, various microsparger and impeller set-ups enables highly variable process design. The long standing experience of our staff engineers guaranties optimal fermentation procedures based on your needs.