Company Profile Safe & quick microbiological analyses with INTERSCIENCE INTERSCIENCE provides high-quality equipment for safe microbiological analyses from solid sample preparation to its final bacterial enumeration: BagMixer® lab blenders, BagFilter® sterile filter bags, easySpiral Dilute® automatic diluter and plater, easySpiral® automatic platers, Scan® automatic colony counters and more. Customers and partners are offered worldwide the best products with a lifetime of product care. KEY PRODUCTS Efficient sample preparation with BagSystem® - Filter and plain sterile lab blender bags: BagFilter® range - Lab blenders: BagMixer® range (100 ml, 400 ml, 3500 ml ) Quick bacterial enumeration with Plate and Count® - Automatic diluter and plater: easySpiral Dilute® range - Automatic Spiral® platers: easySpiral® range - Automatic colony counters: Scan® range - Full traceability system: Plate & Count System® KEY BENEFITS - Lab capacities dramatically increased - Safe and quick analyses: no risks of cross-contamination - Precise results and excellent reproducibility - Traceability of the analyses guaranteed INTERSCIENCE: - Designer and manufacturer since 1979 - High-tech & user-friendly products - Heavy investment in R&D - Worldwide distribution network - High-quality Made in FRANCE