Welcome to Insung Medical INSUNG MEDICAL is a trusted name in the field of healthcare. It has been over twenty years since the company started to build on its reputation as a leading provider of medical products. Our partnerships with the medical professionals and the hospitals where Insung Medical’s products are used attest to our products’ high standards of quality and safety. We assure all our clients the continued commitment of Insung Medical in providing them medical products of high quality at reasonable cost. Insung Medical has grown to be one of the leading importers of medical products in Korea. This has been made possible by our exclusive distributorship agreements with a number of companies from USA, European and Japan. We cover the medical requirements of a wide-range of hospital departments, from the Operating Department to Pulmonary Care and to Anaesthesia. As a leading Manufacturer and Importer, Insung Medical supplies a major Portion of the total medical devices requirements of Korea.