Overview Institute of Isotopes Co., Ltd. is the major Hungarian center for the research, development and production of radioisotopes and other products for a broad range of application areas, especially healthcare, research and industry. Hundreds of products manufactured in our facilities are distributed worldwide. The profile of our company is divided into four business lines: 1. Radiopharmaceuticals: radiochemicals (I-125, I-131) radiopharmaceuticals (I-131, Sm-153, Y-90) powder injections: DMSA, DTPA, PYRON, FYTON, MDP, TECHIDA, EC, MULTIBONE 2. Immunoassay: immunoassay kits for diagnostic (thyroid, tumor markers, protein hormones, Down syndrome etc.) and research purposes (RIA/IRMA) 3. Synthesis: organic compounds labelled with C-14 or H-3 radioisotopes, custom synthesis, radiochemical repurification service for C-14, H-3 labelled compounds 4. Radiation Technique: Ir-192 and Co-60 sealed industrial sources, laboratory and industrial gamma irradiators, hot cells, hot-cell lines, containers for transportation of radioactive material