Who we are

The international Inspire2Live Patient Advocates organization inspires people (patients, clinicians and researchers), without limitations, to work together to get cancer under control by 2021 and to lead happy and healthy lives in harmony with cancer.  Our Patient Advocates are leading in this process.

We strongly believe that every patient, researcher and clinician can initiate the change they want to see.

Our motto is “Never, ever quit!”

In memory of those who died too young of cancer and to inspire those who are fighting it.

Here you will find the strategic policy:


In Dutch: Strategisch beleidsplan Inspire2Live 2017

In English: Strategic policy plan Inspire2Live 2017



Why we do what we do

Inspire2Live will always appeal to those who share our vision : pushing your limits will make your own live and that of others better. Whether we are searching for sponsors, initialize fundraising events with virtually impossible characteristics, or creating medical programs that will revolutionise health care, we are willing to go where no one has gone before. Each victory, however unrealistic it seemed at first, motivates us to continue to push the limits and set higher targets. We do this not for ourselves, but for those who truly need it.

After all, only a fool blows against the wind, but together we can change its course.

Our dream is to eliminate cancer as a deadly disease. We want to support cancer patients so that each one has the opportunity to lead a happy and healthy life in harmony with cancer.

We also believe that everybody can experience an overwhelming feeling of happiness dedicating yourself to the well-being of others. Everyone who has taken part in Inspire2Live events, knows what this special feeling is and what it means. It is the drive that makes us realize our dreams.

We have a mission:

Getting cancer under control and inspiring people to lead Happy and Healthy lives in Harmony with cancer!


How we operate

Inspire2Live is a patient advocacy organization. The purpose of Inspire2Live is get cancer under control by 2021. We believe that this is feasible when patients, physicians and scientists work together to share knowledge, data and inspiration together. Currently, there is a very unhealthy competition between faculties, research groups and universities. Inspire2Live brings these various parties together with very well-informed patients. In this context we work to optimize the processes so that new ideas, therapies and treatments are more quickly available to patients in the Netherlands but eventually worldwide.

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Executive Health Management

A successful and inspiring Inspire2Live Annual congress in Amsterdam

2018 21 Feb

We look back on a very successful and inspiring Annual congress in Amsterdam in February. A lot of you have participated, received a lot and given even more. That’s what life asks from us. We’ve collected the powerpoint presentations of the speakers and recorded all the talks. Together with the program and the minutes of the working sessions you find... Read more

Executive Health Management

Inspire2Live awards Dr. Bob Pinedo, Dr. Fritz Schröder the Patient Advocate Hero of Cancer Award

2018 12 Feb

Inspire2Live has awarded Dr. Bob Pinedo and Fr. Fritz Schröder, both Emeritus Professor, with the Patient Advocate Hero of Cancer Award for their lifelong achievement in putting patients first. Theme of the Inspire2Live annual congress 2018 is “The countless small deeds of the unknown people”. Both Dr. Pinedo and Dr. Schröder have proven that they... Read more

Executive Health Management

Concentration of high complex care for oesophagus- and stomach cancers has to be realized

2017 27 Sep

It is a fact; cancer patients who are diagnosed and treated at excellent cancer care centres have better outcomes and can expect less complications, longer life and better quality of life than do patients who are not. Each year in the Netherlands there are 4000 new patients diagnosed with oesophagus and stomach cancer. One third of these patients... Read more

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Our Congresses


Inspire2Live is organizing congresses to bring together all the groups that support the well being of patients and their loved ones. This involves of course patients and also clinicians and researchers, industry and health insurances representatives and people from the government. In the cooperation they will benefit the patient in everything they do.

To educate everybody that plays his role in this field we organize congresses.

Sometimes bigger ones with more then hundred participants and sometimes more smaller symposia with 10 or 20 invited visitors. But always it will be inspiring and different. Not just listen to what others have to tell but listen, discuss and work. All in order to deliver. Deliver for patients and working towards our end goal: a better quality of life for the patient and her loved ones.

In health care it is often spoken about the asymmetry of the relationship between patients and citizens. Our patient advocates constantly and incessantly bring symmetry back to this relationship. At our congresses it is evident how equal participation from stakeholders and patients yield greater results for patients themselves and society as a whole. Look at our achievements up till now!

For the latest on our congresses, please click here.