Infopia has developed many kind of bio-sensors since 1996, and succeeded in developing auto chemical analyzer, blood glucose monitoring system, HbA1C measuring system, cholesterol measuring system, and liver disease measuring system.

And now we are exporting over 80 countries. To become a world-best enterprise in the field of diagnostic bio sensors, Infopia is working for developing cardiac disease diagnosing kit, cancer diagnosing kit, and Tele-diagnostic system. - Established year: 1996 - Number of Employees: 234- R&D (40), Sales (40), Q/A (15), Executive (6), Administration Supportive (14), Production (107) - Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier - Main Product: Blood Glucose Monitoring System, HbA1c,

Biochemical Analyzer, Glucose mobile phone, Cholesterol monitoring system - Field of Business: Diagnostics Equipment (Medical device for Hospital & Homecare) - 2 Automatic production lines for Bio-sensor strip - 1 production line for Glucose Monitoring System - 1 production line for Biochemical Analyzer - 2 Automatic production lines for packing - Production capabilities for Bio-sensor strip: 500,000packs (50pcs/packs) per month - Production capabilities for Meter: (200,000 meter kit) per month - Certificate: CE, FDA, SFDA, ISO13485:2003, CMDCAS - 96 markets entry in the world - 20 patents