Welcome to Imalux, the medical device company on a mission. We're leading the world in the development of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), a breakthrough medical imaging modality used to visualize tissue microstructure in real-time, at the site of patient care. With the Niris Imaging System, our first generation OCT solution, Imalux provides physicians and surgeons a valuable tissue-profiling tool to assist in the diagnosis, treatment, and surveillance of disease.Currently, clinicians do not have effective imaging methods for detecting tissue structure abnormalities in a timely manner and at the point-of-care. Physicians, therefore, must rely on prior imaging studies and visual findings to guide surgery and treatment. There exists an unmet need for real-time, high spatial resolution medical imaging that can be used in a wide range of applications and practice settings at a reasonable cost. Globally, the healthcare community is searching for ways to streamline the delivery of care without compromising clinical outcomes. The Imalux Niris Imaging System offers clinicians the ability to "see and treat" in a single patient visit – a single episode of care. Imalux is developing products and services to address this serious clinical need that cannot be satisfied by current technologies.