The Company was established on July 11th 1968 as a limited partnership, for the manufacture of electromedical equipment. The Company started and developed its activity immediately and the sale target was such as to enhance the production. The Company has then specialized in the manufacture of neonatal equipment and as a result in November 1962 turned into e limited partnership. The Managing Director and Legal Representants, Rof the Company is Mr. Angelo Maranesi that takes care of the business relationship with adroad and the rxports promotion in general. The Tecnical Manager responsible for the production and the sale Department in Italy: Mr. Angelo Maranesi; Partners: Miss Cristina Maranesi, Mr. Stefano Maranesi.

COBAMS has a small range production in so far that is the result of a craftmanship work and not of a mass production: hence Cobams equipment are very carefully made and of a high standard level. Its latest incubator (CRISTINA TOUCH SCREEN , recently exhibited at Dusseldorf is one of the best and most sophisticated incubators and has met high appreciation on behalf of many visitors. COBAMS supplies a large number of Hospital and Private Nursing home in Italy; exports to various Countries Abroad and has appointed Agents in India, Pakistan, Giordan, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, France, Egypt, Syria, Maroc, Bangladesh, Russia, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Cypro etc..

COBAMS equipment is regularly exhibited at the most important specialized Fairs. The Pope - Giovanni Paolo II - was presented with an incubator to be destined to a hospital abroad. COBAMS is well introduced to our Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Via Cicogna, 20,
San Lazzaro di Savena (BO)
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