Company Profile X-ray tubes & housings The history of IAE began in 1950 with high power electronic valve production. Manufacturing of x-ray tubes followed in 1965, exploiting the already advanced technology in high vacuum and special metals. In 2002, an expansion in production capacity took place with the opening of our new site in Cormano, located close to the historical site. Additionally, IAE France was created to assure highest level of service for the French market. Today, IAE plays a major role in the international x-ray market as the biggest independent manufacturer in Europe of rotating anode tubes. With its wide product line of more than 100 insert/housing combinations, IAE is a strategic and reliable partner to the most important equipment manufacturers globally. Additionally, more than 30 different competitors' reloadings (all CE marked) allow IAE to satisfy the service market at highest level. IAE offers: . Special application tubes (mobile systems and mobile c-arms) . Inserts and housings for medium and high duty radiological systems . Inserts and housings for digital angiography and cardiac application . Complete units for mammography . CT tube unit reloading. We focus on Customer full satisfaction through actively increase products and services standards and performances. Reaching the highest quality level is a commitment totally understood and shared by all IAE personnel.