Hydrorider project starts in December 2000 With the brand and Trademark Hydrorider, our main goal was to permanently enter the aquafitness industry with a line of products focusing on the quality, the design and the reliability. Nowadays Hydrorider is recognized in the fitness industry as leader with two lines of products for aquafitness, the Professional Line with an Aquabike and an Aquatreadmill, and the Easy Line with an economic Aquabike and Treadmill.

To innovate the aquafitness field bringing in new products, and set a trend by increasing the interest of new client types across all age groups in water exercise, giving people an excellent opportunity to keep in good shape and live in good health and in wellness.

The Hydrorider equipment is designed directly in our technical department, we choose the material in collaboration with our suppliers that actively participate in the planning stage, bringing in the benefit of their specific experiences. The production is done in Team Work with the suppliers of all parts of every equipment, every lot is subjected to procedures of quality control both by our suppliers and our company during the manufacturing process.