Innovative Breakthrough in Sterilization HMTS is the Best Answer! HUMANMEDITEK provides a new plasma sterilizer to sterilize highly sophisticated, heat-sensitive surgical instruments. A Leader of Next Generation Plasma Sterilizer There are few companies in the world that have the ability to develop and produce plasma sterilizers. HUMANMEDITEK is one of them. With globally recognized technologies, HUMANMEDITEK established a research center to develop various plasma sterilization products.

HUMANMEDITEK has become a global prestigious brand that contributes to the international medical community with new plasma technology, and will continue to make tireless efforts to be the leader of low-temperature sterilization. Company HUMANMEDITEK CO.,LTD. Established March 13, 2000 CEO Jung-Suek Ko (高 重 碩) Business Manufacturer of Medical Plasma Sterilizers Web Site The value of the Plasma Sterilizer dwells in … SPEED : Sterilization far less than an hour. SAFETY : No toxic gas, no harm to humans CLEAN : Discharging oxygen and water only ECO : FRIENDLINESS LOW TEMPERATURE : Sterilization below 50℃ PRESSURE : No Positive Pressure, No Damage to the instrument