HTZ Ltd HTZ is a manufacturer of laboratory instruments specialising in applications requiring automated liquid handling. HTZ has a well established reputation for high quality products and makes instruments which assist in the diagnosis of disease in the hospital clinical market. It also makes products for immunohaematology, specifically the testing of blood within blood transfusion centres and hospital blood banks. HTZ instruments are used widely in the pharmaceutical, research and industrial laboratory sectors. Key clinical applications for HTZ instruments include : Autoimmunity disease testing using the IFA technique eg ANA, LKS, ANCA on microscope slides Blood Grouping, Antibody Screening, Cross Matching using haemagglutination and image analysis Sample archiving, Plasma Pooling, PCR sample preparation Automated tube handling, sample archiving, cherry picking and tube rearraying HTZ designs and manufactures all of its products in its headquarters in the UK and is conveniently located in Croydon, just south of London. It has a wealth of experience in providing automated instruments directly and through its valued distributors around the world. It also sells its products and technologies via a number of OEM arrangements.