We provide the "glue" that connects the video components inside a video camera, image processor, LCD display. Our typical design has a FPGA and a microprocessor. The micro-processor can be a "soft" processor inside the FPGA or an external processor. The FPGA code is written in Verilog or VHDL, and the microprocessor code is C or C++. We have written low-level drivers for WindRiver's VxWorks and embedded Linux. We can also supply a simple foreground processing loop with background interrupt service routines, instead of an RTOS. Our designs usually need FDA or FAA approval, so fewer lines of source code means less testing and easier DO-254 and DO-178 approval. We have written our own graphics and image processing libraries, so only the code that is really needed is included in the application. We believe that simple is better in design, implementation and especially quality control.