Every product Homewood makes is hand crafted in the USA with quality and pride.  By using premium selected architectural grade hardwoods, we eliminate the usual cause of warping, grain swirls and high moisture content.  Proper selection of quality woods and attention to detail are the secrets to creating products with special value.

One of the most important components of developing a long-lasting product with value is the finish.  We use only premium quality, post catalyzed conversion varnish that is specially formulated to reveal the deep, natural beauty of wood.  We carefully apply this finish to protect our products against scratches, abrasions, stains and moisture.  This makes our products ideal for use in the hospital environment by being highly chemically and moisture resistant.

Our products are made by skilled woodworkers who pay attention to the small details that makes a difference in the quality of the end product.  We are very proud of our wood artisans; they are masters of custom woodworking.  By using the finest materials and the best tools, they turn their craft into long-lasting, quality, custom wood products.In the end, we are known for our quality products and our authentic designs.  We have often been copied, but never duplicated.