Company Profile LivOn enables 'The 3rd Generation Telecare Service' Hidea is manufacturer of LivOn Telecare device and service platform . Hidea is providing Telecare solution to Eldery and Handicapped care service operated by Korean government for last 7 years and now expanding its business to other aging countries. Hidea's Telecare solution as LivOn is featured with wireless technology and activity monitoring in collaboration with diverse Health devices and Safety & Environment sensors. LivOn enables ‘The 3rd-generation Telecare Service.’ It provides Smart Monitoring on wireless networks. BE PROACTIVE LivOn promotes a trustable wireless monitoring system for seniors and people withdisabilities (PWDs). The activity detector suggests more sophisticated care, with none ofthe hassles of using a touching device. Automatic identification of meaningfulchanges in the ADL leads to proactive action of the appropriate service providers.Monitoring of potential emergency cases could significantly level up the efficiency ofcaregivers, service companies, and public organizations. Of course, the user’s feelingof relief is a key factor of this system. Trustworthy reporting in a timely manner is a key factor of quality proactive care.Traditional Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) service company alertsonly AFTER an incident has happened. LivOn uses several activity detector data andanalytical algorithms to serve related caregivers and organizations. The accumulateduser data serve as normal daily activity indexes, and certain deviations from them serve as triggers of potential emergency response from caregiving parties BE MEANINGFUL Smart notifications from LivOn makes caregiving parties perform the right action with efficiency.LivOn system’s capabilies and the caregiving parties’ response capability can provide themost meaningful combination of relief for your loved ones who need care. LivOn shows a betterpossibility of giving proper care. BE SMART How can you have Smart Telecare Service with LivOn? LivOn enables ‘The 3rd-generationTelecare Service‘ for caregiving organizations, families, and beneficiaries. LivOn providesthe most enhanced telecare devices and sensors with an adaptable service platform thatincludes applications and smartphone apps. Downloads: LivOn brochure 2015 Q4(Eng)_Web Upload.pdf