HHC Tibbi Malzeme Tekstil Kimya Ith.Ihr San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti.

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Company Profile Wound and Skin Cleansing Wipes, Shampoo Caps , Wash Gloves Tadımlı Tıbbi Malzeme (TTM ) manufacturer of body clean wet wipes, wash gloves and shampoo cap for patients. We are manufacturing in Turkey in Izmir. So we could manufacture with the companies own label and their language on the label. We are manufacturing antibacterial or non-antibacterial products. We have all reports and licenses from Ministry of Health Turkey and Aegean University Izmir and ve registered in Europe, Saudi Arabia, Brazil etc.. Also we have "wound and skin care" products with CE Class IIa certificate. We are one of two companies who has that certificate in the world. We are manufacturing body clean wet wipes and perineal area cleaning wet wipes. These products are for bedridden patients. These patients could have some wounds on their skins and have bad smell because of the bacterials. Our antibacterial product help to remove bacterial from the skin and helps to prevent wounds. Our other product is wash gloves. These gloves for washing the patients body. These products have the similar formula with wet wipes but have different non-woven. That non-woven thicker than wipes. And our another product is shampoo cap. These caps for washing patients hair. It is not need to rinse after using. Our wash gloves and shampoo cap hand sewed not laser. So these products more resistant than the others in the market.