Surgical instruments for various areas of application, produced by specialists from high-quality materials. The high quality requirements that we set for our products have not changed since Hermann Medizintechnik GmbH was launched in 1961.

For us, highest standard means vast experience coupled with the latest production technology – always meeting the high requirements demanded of our products through developments in medical and surgical techniques; listening and responding to our clients’ requests and continuing with our tradition of innovation.

In 1969, we started to manufacture surgical tungsten carbide scissors.  We were the first company in Europe and the second worldwide to do so. Then came the “Minimal Invasive Surgery“ challenge in the late 1980s: Hans Hermann GmbH invested copiously in the field of MIC instruments and consolidated its position in this new marketplace with considerable success. This could be partly attributed to the continuing training of employees who set the basis for our current product range through their targeted and motivated approach. The range comprises MIC instruments and accessories for laparoscopy, arthroscopy and urology.