About us HEGU Svenska AB has been manufacturing disposable single-use acupuncture needles under its own brand at its plants in China and South Korea since 1993. The needles are manufactured in accordance with market specifications and adhere to the instructions and regulations of the FDA in the US and the Medical Products Agency in Sweden. The manufacturing plants follow EU regulations covering medical device products and are quality certified to ISO13485 and certified to EU's standard and approved CE certification. What does this mean for HEGU needle users? The best guarantee for quality and safety. The plants are carefully inspected and approved. Are the products more expensive? No, we have made this investment in quality assurance in line with EU regulations and CE marking in order to guarantee you a good product at a very attractive price. Thanks to all HEGU needle users for making it possible to be able to offer a needle of the highest quality at a low price. We look forward to continuing to provide the very best service to old and new customers alike. Best Regards Jan Fridsäll