Hefei Telijie Sanitary Material Co., Ltd, Established in 2002, covering a factory area of 50,000 m2 with a work floor of 6,000 m2. Our products include totally 5 series: 1. Cloth-like paper series: cloth-like paper,Paper shopping bag, paper clothes, medical wipe and packing materials. 2. Wet wipe series: daily-use wet wipe, baby wet wipe, disinfectant wet wipe, anti-bug wet wipe, make-up wet wipe, sterile vaginal wet wipe, foot wet wipe, pet wet wipe, glass wet wipe, leather wet wipe, kitchen wet wipe, stoneware cleaning wet wipe and other functional wet wipes. 3. Medical series: surgical dressing, disposable bed sheet disposable draw sheet roll,Dental bib, dental bib roll, dental apron, headrest cover for dental chair, hygienic under-pad. 4. In-flight series: air-laid non-woven towel in tray, cotton towel in tray, passenger night amenity kit, pajamas,Slippers, socks, eyeshade, tray mat, headrest cover. Disposable non-woven pillow case. 5. daily-use series: wet towel dispenser, non-woven towel roll and non-woven cleaning cloth. 6. beauty-accessory series: facial mask, wet facial mask, pearl facial mask ,eye mask, nose mask, face-cleansing cloth and so on.