Company Profile HEBUmedical - Tradition means commitment We have manufactured surgical instruments for more than 75 years. Knowledge and experience is carried over and expanded from generation to generation. Today, HEBUmedical manufactures in three factories and with the most modern of technology. Our products stand for excellent quality and competitive prices. In addition to the global marketing under the HEBU name, we also manufacture for other well known companies. Since then, the focal point of our sales is in our standard hand instruments and in addition, in the areas of ENT, Gynaecology, Arthroscopy as well as Ophthalmology. Due to the purchase and complete integration of 3 additional instrument manufacturers in the area of Tuttlingen, we were able to strengthen our position in the market as well as expand our manufacturing program. Also in special areas such as high frequency surgery and the development of electric cast cutters, we were able to be convincing due to our prices, performance and variety of designs.