Company Profile Start Living Healthcare! HealthRegion Freiburg represents a unique combination of excellent top-class medicine, a culture of health which is lived out every day, and the highest quality of life. The leading hospitals, companies and facilities in the Freiburg region offer a perfectly coordinated range of services for maintaining and restoring personal quality of life and capabilities. The range of services offered by the medical facilities stretches from successful therapy with integrated rehabilitation programmes to prevention programmes for private individuals and companies. The pages below list specific healthcare services for your wants and needs. The unique landscape of the Black Forest and the attractive range of catering and leisure options available in Freiburg and the Germany-France-Switzerland tri-border region make HealthRegion Freiburg into a very special place of wellbeing. Make use of the unique opportunities offered by HealthRegion Freiburg to restore your health and take targeted action to maintain it. Start Living Healthcare!

Rathausgasse 33,
79098 Freiburg
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