Healgen Scientific LLC Healgen Scientific Co., Ltd. is a professional bio-tech products manufacturer and distributor located in Houston, Texas. It has developed a range of diagnostic products as well as laboratory consumables. Our aim is to provide high quality products and services to diagnostic laboratories and any other bio-tech R&D organizations. It is always our premium to enable and inspire scientists and doctors to reach their R&D and clinical goals. Our highly trained scientists and engineers will fully understand your needs and requirements. By using our intellectual property rights, including:"A Labelling Method of Pathogenic Cells Exogenetic Antigen"(200610155201.3),"Preparation of Indole and its derivatives"(200710069695.9),"A Target Gene Expression method with enhanced cell specificity"(Patent No.:ZL1118525.2 International Patent classification No.:12N15/67),Healgen will always provide its core competency and help you develop you research ideas.