For 18 years now, Hazmat Medical Associates (HMA) has been providing emergency responders with the equipment and training that they need to deal with a weapon of mass destruction (WMD) or Hazmat incident.

The owner and operator of the company, Bob Harty, was an emergency responder; a firefighter/paramedic for 20+ years, and a Vietnam-era veteran of the U.S. Army.

In 1993, he started Hazmat Medical doing training nationally within the nuclear power industry on the management of injured/radioactively contaminated patients. In that industry he recognized the need for better products associated with the management of contaminated patients both at the field/hospital level.

In 1994, he introduced the beginning of his product line, with the CAT, Contamination Assist Table. Now with over a dozen patented products, all manufactured in the United States, and 1100s of other products, HMA has become a major player on a national level.

With the recent development of the “Trauma CAT” table, and the Mobile Morgue Trailer (MMT), HMA has expanded from a main customer base of hospital and nuclear plants to emergency response agencies at all levels, coroners and medical examiners. In 2010, Hazmat Medical introduced the all-new chest tube tray and extremity tray for hospitals, which will provide them with easier, cleaner, and safer ways of dealing with wounded patients.