Company Profile HANLAB CORPORATION (KOREA) Actualized everyone’s dream, HANLAB CORPORATION HANLAB CORPORATION is a Korean representative company which researches, develops, manufactures and sells health & medical instrument. We succeeded the Automatic Balancing Centrifuge as the world’s first and uniqueness, based on experience and know-how of laboratory medicine over 20 years. At this moment, we are exporting the Automatic Balancing Centrifuge to 16 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. The intelligent self-compensation mechanism made with higher level technology is protected by the patents of more than 10 countries including the United States. We are doing our best to develop innovative product by the oneness of higher level technology, know-how and challenge spirit that does not afraid to fail, and trying to accomplish customer impression as supreme quality beyond customer satisfaction. In addition, HANLAB CORPORATION will try to extend our business network to life science and senior-friendly business as well as laboratory medicine business.