Our company has been producing and exporting steel and stainless steel towel warmers and designer radiators for about 15 years under HAMMAM DESIGN RADIATOR brand name. Due to strong background in production of any kind of stainless steel equipments, company expanded his business in production of healthcare equipments. Stainless Steel hospital equipments have been produced and exported under HAMMAM MEDICAL EQUIPMENTS brand name including, medical trolleys, dressing trolleys, transfusion stands, IV stands, device trolleys, medical carts, hampers, stainless steel bars, step stools, instrument stands and mayo stands.

Hammam Design Radiator gained a worlwide brand recognition with its unique product designs, excellent service and high quality in towel warmer business. We are sure as a group brand, Hammam Medical Equipments will follow the same route in a very short time and become a sector leader in production of various medical equipments.