H4D History Founded in 2008, H4D has remained true to its original mission: to overcome isolation from health care, whether geographic or social, while supporting preventative medicine initiatives, as well as the treatment and the monitoring of chronic diseases. We are committed to ensuring that health checks become a straightforward and accessible recourse to everyone. Our pledge to provide health care solutions for everyone, regardless of their geographic location or social environments, coheres with our respect or medical and paramedical professionals. H4D’s health programs are always integrated into a global health plan and are supported by systematic communication with local healthcare stakeholders. Medical deserts… A doctor anywhere, anytime Medical deserts are a worldwide issue, developed countries making no exception. E-health represents a revolution in terms of how medicine is practiced and offers a concrete solution. It allows to perform early screening and detection of diseases, to develop therapeutic education and to optimize the efficiency of health care. But technology would be meaningless without the people who operate it. It is and remains a tool for the benefit of its users. An innovative French enterprise To fulfill its mission, H4D has adopted a rigorous innovation policy. Building on a diverse portfolio of patients, our company has developed a range of products which provide an answer to the present medical and organizational issues. Our Consult Stations®, the cornerstones of our e-health solutions, are the most telling example of this: technological tools which combine innovation and accessibility, serving the needs of both patients and physicians, with applications in public and private sectors. H4D was selected as an innovative project presented at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. H4D received several prizes and distinctions.