History of GVB 1994 Establishment of the company "geliMED" in Sept. 1994 in Germering/Germany. "gelimed" devoted mainly to the sale of neuro-physiological accessories in the areas EEG, EMG and EP. 1996 Establishment of "GVB - Geiselberger Vertriebs- und Beratungsservice" The company "GVB" was established in order to widen the business-activities around the accessories for "cardiology" and "physiotherapy".

Fusion of "GVB" and "gelimed" to "GVB-geliMED E. Kfm." The new, widened product-offer was accepted so good, that the companies "GVB" and "geliMED" amalgamated and still changed in the same year of establishment by the originated company "GVB-geliMED" into a new, bigger office in Westerau/Germany. 1999 Office-change to "Negernbötel" in Schleswig-Holstein/Germany On the basis of business-developments and organizational expansions it was bought a new business-seat in June 1999 in "Negernbötel" / Scheswig-Holstein and also changed by the same time. GVB-geliMED will be manufacturer for medical accessories in cooperation with SPES Medica / Italy. GVB-geliMED acquires business-shares from one of the biggest European manufacturers for diagnostic, medical accessories, SPES Medica s.r.l. in Italy.

Now, GVB-geliMED starts, beside the previous exclusive distribution-activity, also the way as manufacturer for medical accessories. A successful cooperation of both companys, that continues until today. 2002 Office-change of GVB-geliMED to "Bad Segeberg"/Germany On the basis of an excellent business-development, also by the new developed business-areas, a renewed move goes on in the year 2002, this time in the tranquil city "Bad Segeberg" in Schleswig-Holstein. In "Bad Segeberg" are not only bigger business-areas, but also a better favorable local binding by the office. We not only supply quality, but can also prove it. Our quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 13845 since 2002. This certificate attests to the fact that you can expect GVB-geliMED to process your order quickly from the time of the original quote to the delivery date and guarantee complete traceability. If something isn’t quite right, you can also expect it to be dealt with promptly. We would also like to emphasise that we do not send you any medical products that do not carry a CE label. This requires that the products are not only safe, but also technically and medically capable of performing the function for which they are intended. The management system is still inspected and validated on an annual basis.

2007 Establishment of "GVB-SPES international GmbH" Together led distribution-areas of the partner-companies GVB-geliMED and the Italian SPES Medica, guides to the establishment of a international operating export-company, the "GVB-SPES international GmbH" with seat in the former business-areas of GVB-geliMED, in "Negernbötel". 2008 Takeover the production of the original "Schröter-Caps" of the "Fritz" company. After the business-retirement of the company "Fritz", GVB-geliMED takes on the business-areas and leads away the production of that long-time proven and internationally respectable "Schröter-Caps", that has turned in the course of the years into an important instrument for modern EEG-recordings. 2009 Founding an own sales-network in Germany. GVB-geliMED establishments in Hanover, Berlin and Cologne.


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Bad Segeberg
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