1924 founded the master craftsman Gustav Müller the installation company for plumbing, heating and plumbing. Operation constantly continued to grow, so that were engaged in the postwar years to rebuild about 50 employees. From the mid-50 years, construction activities subsided and became continuously again cut jobs.

At the same time held Dieter fire at the hand of the daughter of the manager. Mr. Brand had a completed banker doctrine, but the daughter of the master miller was only allowed to marry, after graduating from the teaching in the plumbing and heating trades. Over the years, Mr. Brand made the master's certificate and took over the company the end of 60 years. He put on the discharge of the office of the master craftsman Mr Günter Müller a. The two of them drew the fortunes of the firm over the years. Mr. Miller made sure that the company specialized in customer service. So company cars were very early acquired, they were provided with spare parts from all leading manufacturers. Even today, the company benefits from this clear competitive advantage.