Ammirata Guido s.r.l. Our company was established by Guido Ammirata 50 years ago to find a specialized outlet for special lamps. Guido Ammirata had gained exhaustive experience (both technical and commercial) in the field of lamps since he had worked for a world-leading lamp manufacturer, and later co-operated with Europe’s major companies in the technical area. Through time, the company expanded from film and photographic equipment into new areas where lamps were a primary technological component.

For example, audiovisual equipment, microfilms, airports, stage applications, discotheques, photofinishing, graphic arts, dental technology and medical equipment and hospitals in general. Foreign relations were simultaneously developed with customers throughout Europe, U.S.A. and Middle East.

Thanks to our staff, attending all international trade fairs and always updated about lamps and equipment using lamps, we can offer our customers more than a lamp supply ! Since 1976, we have extended our product and service ranges to include lighting equipment for stage applications, discotheques and showrooms. Thanks to our experience, we can advise about the best light source for a fixture, which new lamp can offer best performance, and we can procure lamps from every corner of the world.