GS1 Germany GmbH GS1 Germany supports companies from all sectors in the adoption and practical implementation of modern communication and process standards, in order to improve the efficiency of their business processes. Within Germany, the company is responsible for the maintenance and continued development of the GS1 article identification system GTIN for globally unique identification, which in turn serves as the basis for bar codes. Moreover, GS1 Germany supports the application of new technologies for fully automatic object identification (EPC/RFID) and offers customer-orientated solutions (ECR - Efficient Consumer Response). Based in Cologne, the private sector company is organised in accordance with anti-trust legislation, and belongs to the international network ”Global Standards One“ (GS1) as the second largest of more than 100 national GS1 organisations worldwide. The German Markenverband and the EHI Retail Institute hold equal shares in GS1 Germany. More informations about the GS1 Germany: