Grupsa is a family owned group of companies founded in 1967. The main activity of the Group was based on the Metal Works manufacturing. Grupsa has developed, over all these years, eight family products ranging from Revolving doors, Automatic sliding and curved doors, Manual doors and Movable glass Partitions until Toilet Cubicles or Hospital doors, but with no forgetting its origins, creating a management model that enhances the Architectural Metalworks simplification principles and gives a clear chance to the design.

Since Grupsa started the business in 1967, we have always wanted to offer a service with the maximum quality and efficacity, trying to adapt our products to the changing demand, the last technologies, and the needs of our customers. According to our policy, we started the precise actions in order to planify and implement a Quality insurance system that agreed with all the requirements from the standard UNE- EN- ISO 9001, achieving the AENORcertification.