Relatively soon after the discovery of the X-ray by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen in 1896, the negative effect of secondary radiation became obvious. Even if the appearance of scattered radiation at that time could not be explained, several trials were made in order to neutralize the effect.

In Berlin in 1913, Gustav Bucky demonstrated the first scatter radiation grid , consisting of lead strips.

Our tradition in grid manufacturing started in 1922, when grids were made in a small workshop in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1926 Dr. Erik Lysholm at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm developed a grid with a higher number of lead strips than was commonly used at the time.

In the 1930’s, Lysholm grids were further improved by the Swedish scientist Dr. Sven Ledin, at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, using a method of bonding aluminum to lead and subsequently milling the surface.