Company Profile Controlled biostorage Leading from the front: In the world of refrigeration and freezer cabinets, biostorage systems are at the very forefront of new technologies, new standards and new capabilities. We're constantly introducing new solutions. We've also made a clear decision to continue manufacturing our products at Gram BioLine facilities in Scandinavia. This is because the Scandinavian rules and regulations regarding environmental responsibility and working conditions are among the most stringent in the world – and these are the only kind of standards we're interested in. Situations and standards are changing all the time, and we continuously strive to improve our performance on all fronts. All information about our procedures, processes and conditions is, of course, freely available to our customers. The BioLine advantage: Appearances can be deceptive. The basic box shape is just about the only thing that BioLine controlled biostorage solutions have in common with the household fridges and freezers that we're all familiar with. The BioLine range also features significantly higher performance and considerably more demanding specifications – including monitoring and control systems – than any commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment. We have designed, fine–tuned and optimised all the details in BioLine biostorage cabinets to ensure • maximum reliability • stringent control • optimised air flows • a responsible environmental profile • easy customisation • rapid support from trained staff. This all means you can rely on every product in our BioLine range to meet and exceed any current legislative requirements and international standards. The BioLine range: There are six entirely separate models in the BioLine range of controlled biostorage solutions. Together, these cover everything from high–specification biostorage designed for "mission–critical" work to general–purpose refrigeration and freezer units.