About us -To be light years ahead in medical component manufacturing- We at GlobalMed achieve our vision by integrating the three key elements behind every successful manufacturer. THE PRODUCT Your Single Source Supplier. Our broad product range incorporates a full line of disposable medical components for use in anesthesia, respiratory and customized medical applications. Combined with our engineering support, R&D capability, ISO registered Quality Systems and the latest in manufacturing technology, GlobalMed is your single source supplier for corrugated and collapsible medical tubing, injection molded components and assembly & packaging services.

THE COMPANY Nice People to Deal with. Our new facility was designed with Medical Manufacturing in mind. Our manufacturing processes include extruded medical tubing, injection molded components and a positive pressure controlled room for assembly and packaging. Combined with our great team of people, we have what it takes to make YOUR business successful. EXPERIENCE People you can depend on. Our experience tells us that successful businesses are built on strong business relationships. At GlobalMed this means treating our customers as business partners. We believe that the highest level of success can only be attained through the combined efforts of the supplier and the customer. It's that simple.