GETT - Your partner for professional data input solutions that are 'Made in Germany' It is our mission to offer high-quality solutions for almost every field of use as a partner for human/machine applications. Our core expertise lies in providing application-oriented advice and making available all the technologies related to data input. Through active research we also have technologies available now, which go beyond the latest standards.

Our extensive product range, a complete package of services for individual customer solutions, our ability to access individual production phases and our OEM manufacturing capacity make GETT a central contact partner when it comes to inputting data. In its 'Products' division, GETT provides an extensive range of data input devices, which are ready for use and available at any time. The range includes keyboards, cursor control systems, touch screens, decoders and functioning components for each requirement. Extensive modification opportunities guarantee that we can adapt the units to the special operating environment.

In the 'Technologies' division, we make available the complete package of services for individualised data input systems. Ranging from operating components to operating panels and even complex apparatus engineering, we develop, design and manufacture items in line with your specifications. Our flexible organisation enables us to even handle enquiries ranging from small to large production runs. 'Services' form the heart of our third business division. Here we offer you access to individual production stages. For example, we make available R&D services, extensive production operations and the assembling of printed circuit boards. OEM production, which we can completely handle for you on a long-term basis, combines different services.