Germo was born in 1956 and since then has always been synonymous of disinfection and hygiene. As today, with a consolidated experience, good research and development, Germo continues its daily battle against germs. Daily our chemical study and test the preparations to ensure the highest standards of quality. In collaboration with authoritative University Institutes, they work to be able to offer our customers the best performance of the product.

The quality of our production system is further guaranteed by certification ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 13485. Germo has steadily increased over the years its production capacity, through the implementation of technologies and innovation of process in order to respond promptly to growing demands of the market. All the equipments have been restored in 2003 allowing to increase our production capacity. During the process of modernization it was introduced a new equipment by osmosis that classify our used water in all of our preparations as FU: of pharmaceutical grade at charge bacteria controlled.

The purification is made through osmosis inverse; process that removes from the water the solids dissolved, organic products, the pyrogens, viruses, bacteria and makes the water safe and pure. Germo is renowned in the production of Pharmaceutical, Medical Surgical Equipment, Cosmetics, and Medical Devices also outsourcing.

Preparations are studied and formulated by combining active principles synergistic in order to guarantee total effectiveness and a wide spectrum action also against bacteria, viruses and bacteria resistant to traditional products. Germo is always been present in the Italian market; the constant and progressive growth in recent years, has allowed us the inclusion in the world market with more prospects of development for the future.