GENICON, a private firm founded in 1998, is recognized as an emerging leader in the design, development, and distribution of a new generation of patented surgical instrumentation used for procedures in the field of Laparoscopy.

These instruments are offered in both disposable and of limited life; designed to address the evolving needs of the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) market. Laparoscopic surgery is used by General Surgeons, Gynecologists, Urologists, and Pediatric Surgeons; it is used for procedures such as gall bladder removal, gastric (stomach) banding, and infertility procedures that were historically accomplished through open surgical techniques.

The modern global healthcare system requires that new laparoscopic instruments not only deliver better patient outcomes, but that they do so for less money. Thus, GENICON continues to design and deliver unique and innovative products that meet the needs of surgeons and healthcare administrators to provide superior performance to the surgeon, a better outcome for the patient, and a lower cost to the healthcare provider. Our vision of harmonizing patient care with economic outcomes is paramount, as we truly recognize the impact on the lives of people that our products support in a global healthcare market.

To that end, our goals continue to be met, and are proving to be very effective on a worldwide basis, both clinically and economically. GENICONs operations are based in Orlando, Florida. GENICON currently manufactures and sells several families of laparoscopic products to over 48 countries throughout the U.S. and Global markets. These products include a range of medical video products and laparoscopes; four award winning versions of trocars and cannulae, including bladeless, shielded, pyramidal, and blunt or open style; a complete range of mono-polar and bi-polar instrumentation; as well as lavage systems, ligation systems, and Veress needles. These surgical instruments, made in the United States, are FDA approved, as well as CE marked for the European Union.