General Medical Merate (GMM) was founded in 1952 devoting itself to the medical radiology field since the real beginning. Over the years it has pursued a constant growth and nowadays its brand is present all over the world thanks to the wide range of advanced design-X-ray diagnostic equipments that are produced in compliance with the most severe International Standards.

As a proof of this leadership, important OEM co-operations have been developed over the years with big multinationals: thanks to the superior design and flexible production capacity, GMM ensure both the constant availability of new products meeting the most demanding needs and a fair quality-price ratio. Today, the available range of products includes equipments for radiographic and fluoroscopic applications: the advanced and innovative multifunctional system "Swing" conceived for the use of digital detectors, complete remote-controlled rooms both analog and digital, digital imaging systems, mammography units, X-ray mobile units.

Thanks to its extensive and close-knit commercial network of dealers and qualified field engineers GMM ensures the most efficient after-sale service all over the world being focused on rapid action and immediate availability of spare parts. Quality, the guiding thread of the whole company’s policy, has been pursued by GMM since the early years: this special attention has resulted into the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification.But the real certification, for GMM, is represented by the recognition ensured by its customers who daily use, evaluate and approve the performances of the products and stimulate GMM in its continuous search for new and advanced innovatory solutions.