General Dental Products Inc

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General Dental Products, Inc. (GDP) manufactures a wide variety of denture base acrylic monomers and polymers and related dental acrylic products. GDP also distributes a full line of dental products that it does not manufacture. We stock products from American Tooth Industries, Dentorium, National Keystone Products, Co.. and many other reputable firms.General Dental acrylics are sold in kits which include powder and liquid, powders only, or liquids only. Kits and powders are available in 1, 5, 25 and 100-pound units. the liquids are sold in eight-oz, quart, and gallon quantities with discounts for volume purchases.Acrylics are produced in Heat Cure, 20-Minute Heat Cure, Cold Cure, Pour Cure, Repair Cure, Chairside Re-Base and High Impact Products in a variety of colors. Certain powders can be used with several different liquids thereby minimizing the amount of products to have on hand. Orthodontic Acrylic (in Clear only), Soft-Pak™ Re-Base, Tru-Tray™ custom tray materials, and Mouth-guard complete the broad range of products available through general dental.