The Best Partner Of Your Healthy & Happy Life GenBody Inc. is the company which was founded in 2012, which create the company profits using nature-associated science technologies, and which pursuit the human and global health. Due to professional and expert members joined and established the company, we have the innovative technologies on raw materials for diagnostic applications, ELISAs and rapid diagnostic tests.

Through the best bionetworks and relationships between many institutes, universities, and hospitals. We have very powerful R&D ability, in especial, development of monoclonal antibody and recombinant antigen. We also have the original and key technologies in the world, regarding on fluorescent immuno-diagnostics, which is one of the major IVD technologies in the future. So now, on these business fields, we have been a special manufacturer in the world.

We believe that we will be able to grow up the level of human health. Our management policy is "To be a company to create a healthy and happy life". Like this slogan, we will continuously develop the innovative diagnostic & pharmaceutical technologies for improving the quality of human life.