GCA's corporate philosophy can be summarized in one short , but richly significant word: SEMUI. Semui is a term drawn from ancient Buddhist teachings and literally means "There is no fear if you do nothing for your own sake." Although the original meaning includes more profound philosophical ideas, one can compare it with the similar Golden Rule: "Do Unto Others as You Would Like Them to Do Unto You."

GC America's future is grounded in the energy we create for our associates, and ultimately, our customers and their patients. Therefore, we work for the good of our workforce, our communities our customers - and ultimately for improved oral health for individuals throughout the world. Our Japanese colleagues call this the "Nakama" spirit . . . the synergy of colleagues who all benefit from working together in a positive environment.

"Nakama" is the foundation on which we build our corporate environment - allowing Associates to take on new challenges without fear of failure. It is the driving force behind our policy to hold others in high esteem, no matter what their position, and to practice a constructive approach to every challenge.